fashion design

It takes a special talent to envision an idea and get a concept on the runway or to market. Judy B has the rare ability to see a possibility and follow it through to the creation of a successful look or retail fashion brand.

From Concept
to Creation

Judy B can help you make your fashion design vision a reality, whether you need something for a special event or a fashion lifestyle brand. Her expertise is translating high-end design into something accessible for manufacturers and merchandisers. Judy’s experience can be a valuable asset to help you:

  • Create a distinctive style guide for personal or lifestyle brand

  • Emulate high-end design at an affordable price point

  • Identify and leverage upcoming styles and trends

fashion driven
by passion

When she was a child, Judy B would fall asleep while mixing and matching outfits in her head after hours of devouring fashion magazines. Her passion for fashion eventually led her to Hollywood where she has designed bespoke looks for celebrities like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Melissa McCarthy, Lesley Ann Warren, and Camryn Manheim.

As an early stylist for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Judy B was the creative force behind the launch of their first clothing line. From concept through manufacturing to retail, the billion-dollar brand made fashion accessible to younger girls and earned Judy B the moniker “Queen of Tween.” She also designed successful lines for Ryan’s World, Hannah Montna, and the Sugar Factory.