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“Nothing beats creative talent coupled with years of experience to bring new fashions to fruition.”

A Fashion Powerhouse & creative visionary

Judy B. Swartz is a leading figure in celebrity styling and fashion design, having collaborated closely with many of the biggest celebrities and entertainment icons. Her expertise lies in seamlessly blending visionary design with unmatched styling skills. Judy's primary focus is on enhancing confidence, ensuring her clients feel their best by offering personalized, hands-on guidance from concept to the final creation.


Tailored Solutions, Proven Results

Fashion Designer

Comprehensive and bespoke fashion design service, capturing your unique style and vision.

Creative Director

Creative talent coupled with years of experience to bring new fashions to fruition.


Personalized styling, either in-person or virtually, celebrating individuality and boosting self-confidence.



We help our customers to follow these evolutions by limiting the constraining aspect. This.

Working Her Magic!

"I've known Judy for 40+ years. Her magic in fashion and style from my closet makes me feel secure and trendy. She transforms my clothes into new looks with incredible taste. Plus, she's fun, energetic, and thorough in every detail!"

Lesley Ann Warren

Judy, The Closet Goddess

"Judy, The Closet Goddess, saved me for the Monte Carlo TV Festival. Her superpower turned my clothes, with added accessories, into stunning looks. She revives clothes that lost their sparkle, making you feel like a million bucks with her gifted, creative touch."

Camryn Manheim

Judy is the closet whisperer!

"She came over to my house and went into my closet where the magic began. The whole experience was life changing. She really loves what she does and cares to make sure you feel good in what you’re wearing. I can’t recommend her enough!!!"